CASE STUDY- Belive Projects

The Client:

Belive Projects stands out among real estate management firms for its integrated approach, spanning from project planning to execution and delivery. The company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and project customization differentiates it. They employ a competitive strategy based on continuous innovation, adaptability, and close collaboration with clients.  

What truly distinguishes Belive Projects is its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction at every project stage. Their adaptability is a core strength, as they recognize the uniqueness of each project, requiring tailored solutions. This flexibility and creativity empower them to effectively tackle complex challenges.

In their portfolio, Belive Projects encompasses a diverse range of projects across various sectors, including Mixed-use, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, and Transportation.

The Challenge:

We sought software to enhance our company’s bidding operations. Our projects often involved hundreds of files, numerous bidders, and frequent package changes during the tender process. Relying on emails and Excel limited our ability to monitor the process in real-time and maintain transparency and confidentiality in the submissions.

Furthermore, we lacked the capability to efficiently retrieve data and present it both internally and to our clients, hindering our ability to visualize project progress effectively.

The Solution: 

Following an assessment of four international SaaS platforms in this specific field, we opted to collaborate with the ConWize platform and conduct a six-month pilot phase. During this period, we closely monitored the tool’s performance and evaluated the team’s assistance in our onboarding process.

We found ConWize to be an exceptionally cooperative and attentive partner, capable of swiftly resolving any issues and promptly implementing additional features that were essential to our operations. After extensively using the software, we concluded that it would be advantageous to continue our partnership beyond the pilot phase.

ConWize’s intuitive interface facilitated a seamless onboarding experience, minimizing any time wasted in the process. Additionally, the platform’s capabilities allowed us to eliminate the need for emails and Excel in our tendering procedures.

The Result:

  1. Streamlining the bidding process with subcontractors and suppliers: ConWize offers features such as document storage for suppliers, confidentiality in the bidding process (sealed bids), supplier evaluation, and comprehensive reporting.
  2. Standardization of bidding processes: With ConWize, we can eliminate the use of Excel spreadsheets and emails, as well as outdated software, ensuring a consistent and efficient process.
  3. Utilizing historical bidding data for self-improvement.
  4. Analyzing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to make data-driven decisions regarding our bids.
  5. User-friendly onboarding: ConWize’s intuitive and simple interface ensures a hassle-free integration (plug & play).
  6. Significant time savings: With ConWize, we can potentially reduce the time spent on a tender by up to 50%.

Our next step involves incorporating the estimating tool for benchmarking in our services to benefit our clients.

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