Cost Estimating

It’s time to get out of excel and use the simplest platform that structures the construction cost estimating process with workflow automation.

Advanced estimating tools

Easy to use estimating tools help you work faster, more accuratelyand protect you against crucial mistakes.

Efficient cost estimating

Save time and prevent errors by using cost elements and cost element sets that can be reused in similar activities

Cost estimate analytics

Mitigate risks by highlighting possible pricing errors

Estimate calculations

Perform and document calculations and pricing decisions


Suite of comparison capabilities to seamlessly copy cost estimates between various parts of project BOQ or between different projects


The pricing data search tool that will improve your estimates and decisions

Manage BOQ

Upload or build your own BOQ, duplicate, and compare versions

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Indirect costs and profit loading tools

Manage and calculate indirect costs

Build indirect cost templates and use them across similar projects to save time

Calculating submission price

Advanced simulation tool distributes indirect and unexpected costs and profit across BOQ items to determine best price scenarios

Estimation KPIs Analysis

Improve risk management by analyzing KPIs and making data-driven decisions about your bid submission. Improve your bid performance now and over time.

Set your KPIs

Define KPIs based on your BOQ cost estimate

Analyze project KPIs before submission

Mitigate risks and make more informed decisions by identifying errors and anomalies and comparing KPI results with similar projects

Project shift from tender to execution phase

Congratulations you won the tender! Now what?

Share tender information

Instantly share all your tender information, documents, comparisons and calculations with your execution team. No more digging through dozens of excel sheets.


Seamless budget delivery

Instantly deliver the project budget to the execution phase to create one language between the tender and execution teams


Standardising Processes

Instantly share all your tender information, documents, comparisons and calculations with your execution team. No more digging through dozens of excel sheets.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Construction cost estimating software is a digital tool that helps contractors, builders, and developers accurately estimate the costs associated with construction projects. It includes features such as bidding with supply chain, cost estimating tools, dashboards and reports, powerful analytical capabilities and usage of historical data, which streamline the estimating process and improve accuracy.
Using construction cost estimating software can significantly enhance your business by improving the accuracy of estimates, reducing errors, saving time, and increasing efficiency. It enables better project planning and budgeting, leading to more competitive bids and improved profit margins.
Yes, construction cost estimating software like ConWize is designed to handle projects of all sizes and complexities. It provides advanced features to manage large datasets, multiple project phases, and detailed cost breakdowns, ensuring precise and comprehensive estimates.
ConWize’s construction cost estimating software is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It features an intuitive interface, easy navigation, and comprehensive support resources. Users can quickly learn how to use the software, reducing the learning curve and maximizing productivity.
Yes, ConWize’s construction cost estimating software integrates seamlessly with other construction management tools and software. This integration facilitates the flow of information across different project management platforms, ensuring consistency and efficiency in project execution.
The accuracy of estimates produced by ConWize’s construction cost estimating software is highly reliable. The software uses advanced algorithms and historical data to generate precise and detailed estimates, helping to avoid cost overruns and budgeting issues.
Yes, ConWize allows for extensive customization of cost estimating templates. Users can tailor templates to fit their specific project needs, including adding unique line items, adjusting cost parameters, and incorporating company-specific data, ensuring estimates are accurate and relevant.
ConWize prioritizes data security by implementing robust encryption protocols and secure cloud storage. The software ensures that all project data is protected from unauthorized access and cyber threats, giving users peace of mind regarding the safety of their information.
Yes, ConWize offers comprehensive customer support, including tutorials, user guides, and responsive technical support teams. Users can access help through various channels, ensuring they can resolve issues and optimize their use of the software effectively.
Absolutely. ConWize’s construction cost estimating software can generate detailed reports and analytics. These features help users analyze project data, track costs, and make informed decisions, ultimately improving project management and financial planning.