Our Story

After years of developing, deploying and managing IT projects in the construction industry, we’re using our knowhow to revolutionize construction project management to increase profitability

Our Purpose

Disrupting the bidding and estimating process in the construction industry
Simplifying collaboration between owners, general contractors, subcontractors, management companies and consultants
Boosting productivity with workflow automation, enabling companies to do more with less

Our Team

Our team is comprised of a talented group of developers, UX, UI and experienced C-level managers. Together we thoughtfully and creatively build better performance solutions for the construction industry.

Dima Haikin


Denis Umnov


Ran Levi Sody


Our Brand Values

At ConWize, our mission is to make construction projects more efficient and more profitable.
Our brand values help us run our business better, and keep us focused on our mission.


ConWize is sophisticated, yet simple to use.
We believe that simplicity is key for our customer’s success, that’s why we’re constantly focused on simplifying business processes in the construction industry.


In construction, accuracy is everything.
ConWize is about improving accuracy and reliability to help mitigate risks and improve profitability.


ConWize is building a new generation of stakeholder collaboration in the construction projects, enabling companies to work more efficiently and productively.
Our team’s collaboration is key to our success.


We’re challenging ourselves to continuously bring disruptive management solutions to the construction industry.
We’re always looking for better ways to do things. Even if it means being unconventional.


Our great team is fun, creative and productive.
Happy employees make happy customers.

We Care

Every feature we add to ConWize is based on helping our customers work more accurately and efficiently. We know that improving customer performance is vital, but so is simplifying the workflow process. We work hard to increase value on a daily basis, and make our customers happy