Zaira Martinez

PMO at Belive Projects

The ConWize platform streamlines our bidding and estimating process, ensuring efficiency and transparency. It saves time, and fosters collaborative work with subcontractors. We now have better control and accuracy in our estimates, with friendly support from the ConWize team. Our estimating process is now smoother and more precise.

Maria Bikchentaeva

Tenders department manager at BI Group

As the tenders department manager of BI Group, I came to realize that we are wasting a lot of time on the estimating process and not always sure that our KPIs are being checked correctly, that we had covered all types of KPIs required and nothing was missing in the entire process. That's when we came across ConWize. Switching to ConWize from Excel for our estimating process has been a game-changer. Managing estimates used to be a headache in Excel, but ConWize has made it so much easier. It's simple, efficient, and a huge time-saver. We have better control over the entire process, minimizing errors in our estimates. The ConWize team's support is quick and friendly, making the transition feel like an upgrade. Our estimating journey is way smoother and more accurate.

Irina Loitsker

Estimator at Minrav Group Ltd.

The ConWize system allows us to perform cost estimating of infrastructure Design-Build tenders at the highest level. The pricing capabilities, data analysis and KPI analytics enabled by the system minimize pricing errors and improve our decision-making. Quite a bit of time is freed up by using the existing functionality of the product. ConWize estimating system makes it possible to perform a complete tendering cycle on one platform in an intuitive and easy way.

Lilach Edri

Tender Manager at Rom Geves

ConWize platform manages for us the entire bidding and estimating process in an easy, efficient, and accessible way. The system allows us to control the entire tender process, prevent estimating errors, saves time and allow more transparent communication with subcontractors. In our department we are able to share information of the projects in a uniform database and work collaboratively. The service we receive from the Con Wize team is pleasant and fast. We see ConWize as partners in our journey.

Yovav Shor

Procurement Manager at JLL

ConWize helped us undergo a digital transformation in procurement and tender activities. We had been looking for a system for a long time and here we got an advanced and efficient system that specializes in the construction industry. The time involved in distributing tenders to contractors, monitoring status, saving, analyzing and comparing bids has decreased significantly and leaves us free time for other tasks.

Sofi Komissarov

Estimator at Ashtrom Group

With over 20 years of experience in estimating tenders, I can say that ConWize is a system that the construction market has been waiting for a long time. It is an easy-to-use, intuitive and visual system. ConWize allows us to make estimates very easily (semi-automatic), and to analyze our data in all possible forms, thus helping us avoid mistakes. The platform enables efficient online communication with subcontractors and suppliers and makes the bidding process more transparent. The system transfers the tender information to execution and budget control teams in an efficient manner that was not possible in the past.

Erez Galanti

CIO at Ashtrom Group

ConWize is a simple and easy-to-use platform that streamlines our work processes in the tender phase. The platform helped us to create one language between the tender department and the companies that execute the projects. ConWize gives us better control over contracts with subcontractors and schedules in the execution phase.

Nirel Cohen

VP of Engineering at Rom Geves

ConWize offers a variety of process management tools from Rom Geves for preparing bids. Through the system, we were able to implement the methodology for building quotes and managing contracts with customers and subcontractors, with an emphasis on professionalism of cost estimate, avoiding critical mistakes, strengthening the relationship with our subcontractors, and building a learning curve in the internal organizational estimate process. The system gives the bid managers the optimal pricing accessible to our customers. For us, the ConWize is much more than a system - We see the ConWize team and their solution as our partners along the way.

Tomer Shvefel

Tenders Department Manager in Sade projects

ConWize's innovative platform provides a comprehensive solution for tender estimating, and in fact eliminates the use of cumbersome excels. ConWize helps us work faster, more efficiently and more accurately. This is exciting news for tender departments in the construction industry.

Ilana Peretz

Director of the Engineering Department in Oron Group

ConWize software is very user-friendly and easy to use. Bidding made easily, everything remains documented in the system and you constantly see on-line status and there is complete control over the process. Estimating is done efficiently and it is very easy to get an indication of the estimating in relation to previous projects. The platform displays summaries and analytics that allow you to easily check ratios, quantities and prices. In cases where BOQ is changed it is very easy to compare with previous versions and see exactly what are the changes (quantities / prices / description). Creating a budget and transferring it to execution team are done quickly and efficiently.

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