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Construction pricing is complex and time consuming. Overlooked errors can result in losing tenders, or throw you off budget in the execution phase.
construction procurement software / construction bidding software

Estimate Projects More Accurately and Win More Tenders

Conwize is a cloud-based platform that simplifies the bidding and estimation process in the tender phase, to protect your company against crucial mistakes, so you can win more tenders, and execute them profitably.


All-in-one bidding and estimating platform

Conwize helps keep you on track with automatic reminders and a bid calendar that lets you see all tender deadlines at a glance.

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Gain exposure.
Grow a relationship.

Increase your visibility and exposure by building your company profile. Get discovered by the companies you aspire to work with in ConWize’s advanced search engine.

Maximize your resources

Answering tenders is time consuming. We understand that your resources are limited. Conwize helps you save time and money so that you can win more tenders.

Bidding automation for transparent collaboration

Conwize creates new collaboration and transparency possibilities that fosters better partnerships with subcontractors and suppliers in both the tender and execution phases.


Conwize’s unique algorithms help analyze KPIs to help you make more informed decisions, mitigate risks and constantly self-improve estimates.

Estimate projects and manage execution in one platform

Conwize seamlessly connects the tender and execution phases to help project managers better understand their projects and maximize control of their budget.

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Business profitability- oriented software

Efficiently managing preconstruction and procurement within ConWize establishes a unified organizational language, enhances data flow throughout project phases, and facilitates a consistent, real-time feedback loop for actual costs to the tender department. As a result, it fosters an ongoing cycle of business profitability improvement

Seamlessly share valuable tender information and project budget

Tenders management

Tender phase

Procurement аnd
pre-contracts management

Execution phase

Continuous feedback on real-time costs to improve accuracy


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is construction pricing software used by General Contractors?

Construction pricing software, also known as construction estimating software, is a valuable tool used by general contractors to streamline the bidding process, improve accuracy in cost estimates, and ultimately increase profitability. Here’s how general contractors typically use this software:

Takeoff and Quantification: The software allows contractors to import blueprints and digital plans, then extract key details like materials needed and quantities. This eliminates manual calculations and reduces errors.

Cost Databases and Integration: These programs often come with built-in databases of material costs, labor rates, and equipment rentals, allowing contractors to pull up current pricing information. Integration with supplier databases can further ensure up-to-date pricing.

Building Estimates and Proposals: With takeoff data and cost information, contractors can generate detailed estimates that factor in material, labor, equipment, and other project costs. This helps them create competitive bids and proposals for potential clients.

Project Management and Cost Tracking: Some software goes beyond estimating, offering project management features. Contractors can track project progress, identify cost variances, and make adjustments as needed to stay within budget.

Collaboration and Communication: These platforms can facilitate communication between general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. This can improve transparency, streamline workflows, and ensure everyone is on the same page regarding costs.

Overall, construction pricing software helps general contractors gain a competitive edge by producing accurate and efficient bids, managing project costs effectively, and improving overall project delivery.

Construction pricing software equips general contractors with several advantages that can give them a significant edge over competitors in the bidding process and overall project management. Here’s how:

Faster and More Accurate Bids: Manually creating estimates can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Pricing software automates takeoff and integrates cost databases, allowing contractors to generate precise bids much quicker. This speed is crucial for submitting bids before deadlines and potentially winning more contracts.

Competitive Pricing: With up-to-date material and labor costs at their fingertips, contractors can ensure their bids are reflective of current market prices. This allows them to be competitive without sacrificing profit margins.

Improved Profitability: Accurate cost estimates are essential for setting profitable bids. Construction pricing software minimizes errors and ensures all costs are factored in, reducing the risk of underbidding and project losses.

Enhanced Efficiency: The software streamlines workflows by automating repetitive tasks like takeoff and cost calculations. This frees up valuable time for contractors to focus on other critical aspects of their business, such as project management and client communication.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Construction pricing software allows contractors to analyze historical data and identify cost trends. This data can be used to make informed decisions about future projects, material procurement, and overall business strategies.

Stronger Collaboration: Some software facilitates communication and data sharing between general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. This transparency fosters better collaboration and reduces the risk of misunderstandings regarding costs and project scope.

Construction pricing software empowers general contractors to be more efficient, accurate, and competitive in the bidding process. This translates to winning more projects, improving profitability, and ultimately gaining a significant edge over competitors who rely on manual methods.

ConWize currently integrates with the following project management tools: Docusign, Autodesk, Procore and Priority Software. In general, ConWize can integrate with any tool that works with REST API.
ConWize is suitable for any project size and project type including residential and commercial construction projects, infrastructure projects and fit-out projects. ConWize construction estimating software is also compatible for pricing work performed by specialty contractors in a variety of work types such as air conditioning, plumbing, electricity and more.
The ConWize system is flexible and versatile in that additions or changes to BOQs can be easily priced and integrated into existing estimates. Versions of pricing estimates are saved by the system and any pricing changes can be subsequently compared and analyzed, to further optimize material quantities and the overall pricing process.
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