All-in-one bidding and estimating platform for tender and sales departments

It’s time to get out of excel and use the simplest platform that structures the construction cost estimating process with workflow automation.
construction procurement software / construction bidding software

Tenders / Sales pipeline management

Simplify and structure your sales process. Work faster, more efficiently and choose projects more wisely.

Build your company profile

Showcase your past projects and abilities

Streamline your bids

Manage all your leads in one place and track their status

Document management

Centralize your documents for easy access

Smart notifications

Automatic notifications keep you updated and send you critical reminders

Bid calendar

Track tender deadlines and important events at a glance

Easily issue proposals

Use proposal templates to quickly send proposals to customers

Bids versions

Manage proposal versions to keep track of your negotiations with customers

Bid analytics

Analyze your win rates, improve performance, and better allocate resources

construction procurement software / construction bidding software

Bidding automation with subcontractors and suppliers

Simplify collaboration and make the bidding process more efficient and profitable. Get the insights you need to choose the right contractors for your project.

Break down your project scope by work types

Easily divide project scope or BOQ by work types without missing anything

Fast growing GC and subcontractor network

Connects GCs, subcontractors and suppliers for better connections and visibility

Bid management

Invite contractors, track real-time responses, manage RFIs and receive bid proposals

Powerful bid comparison and analysis

Line-by-line quantitative and qualitative BOQ comparison to highlight anomalies, possible errors, missing prices, and important comments

Subcontractor analytics

Automatically track response rates, win rates, and execution performance

Connects bids to project estimate

Seamlessly transfer winning bid prices to project BOQ estimate

Advanced estimating tools

Easy to use estimating tools help you work faster, more accuratelyand protect you against crucial mistakes.

Efficient cost estimating

Save time and prevent errors by using cost elements and cost element sets that can be reused in similar activities

Cost estimate analytics

Mitigate risks by highlighting possible pricing errors

Estimate calculations

Perform and document calculations and pricing decisions


Suite of comparison capabilities to seamlessly copy cost estimates between various parts of project BOQ or between different projects


The pricing data search tool that will improve your estimates and decisions

Manage BOQ

Upload or build your own BOQ, duplicate, and compare versions

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Indirect costs and profit loading tools

Manage and calculate indirect costs

Build indirect cost templates and use them across similar projects to save time

Calculating submission price

Advanced simulation tool distributes indirect and unexpected costs and profit across BOQ items to determine best price scenarios

Estimation KPIs Analysis

Improve risk management by analyzing KPIs and making data-driven decisions about your bid submission. Improve your bid performance now and over time.

Set your KPIs

Define KPIs based on your BOQ cost estimate

Analyze project KPIs before submission

Mitigate risks and make more informed decisions by identifying errors and anomalies and comparing KPI results with similar projects

Project shift from tender to execution phase

Congratulations you won the tender! Now what?

Share tender information

Instantly share all your tender information, documents, comparisons and calculations with your execution team. No more digging through dozens of excel sheets.


Seamless budget delivery

Instantly deliver the project budget to the execution phase to create one language between the tender and execution teams


Standardising Processes

Instantly share all your tender information, documents, comparisons and calculations with your execution team. No more digging through dozens of excel sheets.


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