Get bid invites from General Contractors / Developers you work with, send proposals, deadline reminders, track proposal status, build company profile
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Gain control of
your sales pipeline

In addition, manage your sales pipeline, issue proposals, perform estimate, increase your visibility and exposure on ConWize’s network to get more bid invites
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Bidding and Estimating

In addition, advanced estimating tools, send bid invites, indirect costs and profit loading, data analytical capabilities, scheduling and pre-contract management and more
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construction procurement software / construction bidding software

Pricing Plans

Move your bidding and estimating activity to an easy-to-use platform on the cloud. Whether you are a small or large organization, choose the plan that best fits your business needs.

Incoming bid requests

Recieve bid invites from various companies all in one place

Receiving bid requests

Never miss a deadline

Reminders on submission dates

Submission can be done within the system for optimal efficiency

Sending proposals and RFI’s

Monitor updates and statuses

Tracking bid status
Visibility and exposure

Showcase your projects to attract more customers

Opening a business page

Our network connects main contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to streamline work and cultivate business relationships

Exposure on ConWize’s business network
Pipeline management

Manage all your leads in one place and keep track of their status

Pipeline management

Easily manage bid submission deadlines

Automatic reminders & auction log

Submit your quote with a logo in a built-in format of your choice

Producing quotes in various formats

Smart features to analyse your bid pipeline wisely

Pipeline analytics

One calendar with all critical dates

Deadlines calendar
Bidding automation

Sending out your bid easily to all relevant contractors

Sending bid invites

Monitoring the status of the bid, including who viewed and who sent a proposal

Dashboard to monitor the live status of bids

All questions are managed and logged in the system


Any updates in BOQ or docs can be monitored and contarctors will be notified

Support bid changes (BOQ, documents, deadlines)

Comparing proposals can be done easily along with analysing each one

Bid leveling & Advanced analytics

Each proposal can be given a score according to your criterias

Weighted scoring of proposals
Cost estimating

All the data is shown in a simple form for a smart overview

Dashboards and estimate summaries

All side costs can be loaded easily on direct costs for accurate estimating

Plan, calculate & load indirect costs & profit

Analyse the data with key calculations of your choice

KPI analytics

Based on your data you can foresee prices

Predictive analytics

Minimize mistakes by running a number of automatic checks

Risk management

Upload your prior projects to be able to use the data on future ones

Onboarding & usage of historical data
Document Management

All docs and folders can be uploaded to the system, no weight or time limit

Store and manage all docs
BIM Takeoff

Full intigration with Autodesk for BIM Takeoff

BIM Takeoff & integration with Autodesk
Moving from tender to execution

Instantly transfer the project budget to the execution phase and create a single language between the tender department and the execution team

Transferring a project from a tender to execution
Management of contractual engagement

Manage the status of your contracts based on proposals from the system

Management of contractual status and execution

Planning and managing contractual engagements

Planning and managing contractual engagements
Schedule management

Visual time management module

Visual time management module

Cloud storage volume

Cloud storage volume



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