Bid Management

It’s time to get out of excel and use the simplest platform that structures the construction cost estimating process with workflow automation.
construction procurement software / construction bidding software

Bidding automation with subcontractors and suppliers

Simplify collaboration and make the bidding process more efficient and profitable. Get the insights you need to choose the right contractors for your project.

Break down your project scope by work types

Easily divide project scope or BOQ by work types without missing anything

Fast growing GC and subcontractor network

Connects GCs, subcontractors and suppliers for better connections and visibility

Bid management

Invite contractors, track real-time responses, manage RFIs and receive bid proposals

Powerful bid comparison and analysis

Line-by-line quantitative and qualitative BOQ comparison to highlight anomalies, possible errors, missing prices, and important comments

Subcontractor analytics

Automatically track response rates, win rates, and execution performance

Connects bids to project estimate

Seamlessly transfer winning bid prices to project BOQ estimate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Construction bid management software is a tool designed to help construction companies streamline and manage the bidding process. It allows for efficient organization, contractor invitations, real-time response tracking, effective RFI management, bid proposal reception, powerful bid comparison analysis and much more.

ConWize’s bid management software benefits construction companies by improving accuracy, reducing errors, saving time and streamlining the subcontractor bidding process and saves work time by up to 70%.

ConWize allows you to break down your project scope by work types and optimize your bid management process to invite contractors with real time updates. It also connects workers for optimized connectivity and visibility. It also performs powerful bid analysis and comparison, tracks response rates, win rates and execution performance. With ConWize, you can seamlessly transfer winning bid prices to project BOQ estimates.
Yes, ConWize’s software can integrate with various other construction management tools, allowing for seamless data flow and enhanced project management. ConWize also assists with the project shift from tender to the execution phase. Share tender information, streamline budget delivery and instantly share all your documents and project information with relevant team members.
ConWize ensures the security of bidding data through robust encryption methods, secure cloud storage, and stringent access controls.
Yes, ConWize’s software is designed to be user-friendly with an intuitive interface that simplifies the bid management process for users of all experience levels.
Yes, ConWize’s software is capable of handling multiple bids simultaneously, making it ideal for companies that manage numerous projects at once.
ConWize offers comprehensive support including tutorials, user guides, customer service, and technical assistance to help users maximize the software’s potential.
ConWize’s software improves bid accuracy by providing powerful tools for bids comparison and analytics, and error-checking mechanisms to ensure bids are accurate and competitive.
Yes, ConWize offers a demo of their bid management software to showcase its features and benefits, allowing potential users to experience its functionality before making a purchase decision.