Women in the Construction Industry: The Female Role in the Workforce

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The construction sector is one of today’s niches where almost 100% of domination properties are about men. It goes without saying that there are more male workers than female specialists in building firms worldwide. Nevertheless, the generation gap is likely to decrease in construction up to 2023-2025.

But the showings for 2022 are still ever-dominating for males. The number of female specialists including ones who perform in the office at the positions of estimators with modern construction estimating software or managers in the management department is only about 11%. It is expected that the construction sector is going to attract more and more skillful women who can undertake narrow-direction and routine tasks professionally. But today the domination of men is great.

What to Expect in 2023-2025 in the Context of Women in Construction?

The generation gap is more likely to stay the same in this industry. There are several factors that can explain why men are still dominant in the building business. For example, this is a standard hierarchy where female workers are not flexible to severe conditions. The most common misconception is that women are not interested in career prospects.

But there are other aspects that are promoted against women in the construction sector artificially. For example, the lack of adequate training and software for female workers together with negative perceptions create very complicated conditions for women in their positions in the building niche. Additionally, most general contractors consider digital transformations poor investments for their companies.

According to the latest research, about 80% of construction firms attract twice as many female workers for office and on-site tasks if most of the processes are automated here. For example, it is possible to train women to operate robotics and drones on the site or supervise heavy machinery. The same story is with estimating, costing, and management tasks. Today, there are many helpful digital tools like management apps, scheduling programs, 3D modeling, and construction procurement software to simplify most procedures for ladies.

This way the task of most general contractors is to undertake the most reasonable improvements of the workflows where females will get enough positions after the implementation of specific software together with the best-matching training programs applied for better onboarding and practicing. Next, corporate policy changes are required. Your team should realize that sex is not the reason to divide people or promote men’s domination in the construction sector.

There are many female professionals in various business directions. The first transformations are visible in the context of construction even in 2022. At the end of the year, the number of employed women in the building niche is going to grow up to 17%. It means that only 2022 brought numerous transformations to this aspect. The more people exclude any negative perceptions relating to the female sex in any industry, the more beneficial are going to become women in their positions.

Real Example of What Women Can Do in Construction

If you consider all the stories about ladies in the construction sector only fairy tales or scenarios for Hollywood films, you are wrong. Many therapists including professional psychologies state that women are skillful when it comes to paving the way figuratively. We do not speak about stonework, paving, or tiling now. But female specialists in this niche are presented as well.

Women are great leaders. It means that most general contractors who wear skirts, and dresses, and use lipsticks can pave their way to success even better than men do. That is why do not be surprised that leadership positions and opportunities will be realized better in the future by women in the construction sector.

Here is a list of real stories ladies can be proud of. They are successful and renowned in the building business. Take a closer look at these successful ladies who do not care about men’s domination in construction:

  • Kim Roy – she is famous for her CEO position in the famous HITT Contracting firm. Her experience inspires. Kim has been working in the company for more than 18 years nonstop. She got innovation awards for her discoveries in the context of building design.
  • Meirav Oren – she is a co-founder of one more renowned company in the construction sector – Versatile. While being a professional CEO here, this lady was able to fundraise more than $100 million and launch one more project for on-site safety purposes – CraneView. This is the AI-based tool for improved security of crane operators on the site.
  • Kylie Rampa – one more successful businesswoman in the construction sector. She is the CEO of ILA corporation (Investment at Lendlease Australia). Its main competence area of Kylie is infrastructure building. That is why she invests much in high-tech solutions for smart cities and infrastructure construction.

There are many other stories to take into consideration. That is why many women inspire. And the construction industry is going to attract more and more females for narrow-direction roles like estimators, managers, suppliers, investors, risk managers, etc.



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