Three Whales of Digital Adoption in Construction: Digital Business, Digital Process, and Digital Backbone

It is not surprising that digital transformation takes place almost in each possible industry and business niche today. The construction sector is not an exception. Digital transformation and adoption of high-tech solutions are about the fast growth of labor productivity levels, increasing profit margins, and other benefits at once.

It is possible to enhance communication, management, and security as well while practicing the implementation of modern digital tools suitable for your business goals like construction quoting software, BIM systems, and procurement & estimating programs for the better pre-construction phase of your projects.

To combat the most common challenges in the building industry, it is reasonable to pick sides with the best-matching high-tech solutions your company requires personally. There is no single recipe for success in this niche for everyone. But there is a range of the same factors, rules, and concepts to take into consideration. For example, three whales of digital adoption in present-day construction.

Digital Adoption Is Based on Digital Business, Digital Processes, and Digital Backbone

The win-win approach of today’s general contractor is an absolutely comprehensive one. It means that the best variant is not just to adopt high-tech tools and wait for results through the implementation of some robotics on the site and communication apps together with high-grade construction procurement management software. It is better to complement these efficient and digital-friendly strategies with other fundamental improvements that form three whales of digital adoption in the building sector:

  • Powerful recruitment strategies with attractive job offers and viable career options.
  • The tech-savvy and paperless corporate environment with optimized workflows through digital tools.
  • Enhanced competitive edge through investments in new technologies.
  • Streamlined office (planning, supervision, and management) and on-site (building, engineering) operations, etc.

Do not forget about other essential arrangements like lower costs from the very blueprint and pre-construction preparations with estimating and procurement up to your final product. Do not forget about your talent and building pipelines as well. 

It means that the skeleton of your business should be based on the fundamental ideas and concepts of the digital adoption cycles. Three whales to mention are digital business, digital processes (or process roadmap), and digital backbone (or security).

1 – Digital Business

The main idea is to focus on new values and create your business conception, mission, and goals. Market differentiation matters in this phase as well. Additionally, contractors should concentrate on their revenue in the context of the digital economy.

2 – Digital Processing

This stage is about optimizations that allow contractors to achieve better operational performance and bring perfect end-to-end products to the construction market. All the processes should hit the pipeline and improve the overall efficiency of the company. That is why general contractors start the implementation of digital tools in this phase while having picked sides with business values and goals before.

3 – Digital Backbone

The third whale of digital adoption to take into account is a digital backbone. In other words, this is your strategy focused on the security measures of your company, workflows, and your construction projects. Safety of all the constituents of your processes matters. That is why your security strategy should be digital-friendly as well.

Start with digital initiatives. Together with marketing and advertising hacks, apply AI-based algorithms, encryption, multi-level authentication, and other digital-friendly approaches to improve your backbone – corporate security. Note that this direction should be constantly enhanced. Be sure that your security measures are not outdated and meet all the market demands.


Remember that your task is to address all the common challenges with new technologies. But all the new-gen solutions should be incorporated properly so as not to harm your existing ecosystem. Imagine that you are going to map the journey up to the end product. This way all the digital transformations will be beneficial for your business.

Keep track of the latest technological trends not to miss any solution you are interested in. Three whales of your digital adoption will come in handy for this goal. Digital business is going to promote your growth while digital processing will be about your improved effectiveness through the workflows and your corporate pipelines. Finally, your digital backbone is going to drive your usability in the context of all the business needs required for the present-day construction sector.




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