Construction Tender Documentation Checklist – 7 Must-Have Items for Your Hassle-Free Operation

Construction procurement

Each construction project starts with the tender process. All the tendering processes should be well-managed to provide the contractor an opportunity to perform better than competitors who pretend on the same order. The exceptional accuracy can be achieved with the help of using project bidding software. Select the best-matching digital tool to simplify estimating, costing, and bid-invite routines at once.

Additionally, each contractor is required to take into account the checklist for the most effective construction tender documentation review. All the paperwork goes more structured and controlled through the list of must-have and must-prepared documents for the tendering process. Before implementing and applying construction procurement software, take a closer look at this checklist not to miss any details essential for your workflows and tender preparations.

Must-Prepared 7 Documents for Contractors When It Comes to the Tender Documentation Checklist

The construction sector is impossible without accuracy and in-depth analytical research. All the financial forecasts and budget planning preparations should be arranged timely and according to the precise algorithm. The tendering pipeline starts with the checklist of the tender documentation. Here is a list of 7 items that should be prepared by result-driven contractors beforehand:

  1. Insurance. Each party should count on the range of protections. All the rights and duties should be specified in the agreement. The tender participants feel more comfortable if all the services and operations are insured. 

Think of all the essential policies beforehand. Consult attorneys if you are not sure about the insurance to choose for your performance in the construction markets.

  1. Qualification. All the contractors and subcontractors perform better with the certifications, licenses, and other documents that prove their skills, competence, and high-quality work as construction specialists. 

Be ready to prepare all the qualification documentation including your portfolio, testimonials, and recommendations. Your bid will become a win-win with such details and insights for your potential clients.

  1. Renewal dates. Remember that all the updates should be mentioned to show the chronicle order of submissions, corrections, changes, and improvements to your construction documentation. It is critically important when it comes to documents that characterize your qualifications. 

Additionally, all your permits should contain renewal dates to provide your potential customers with more detailed insights. Check all your documentation to exclude possible expired dates. If you have detected ones, be ready to renew your certificates, permits, and other official papers you need for hassle-free tendering.

  1. Assumptions. Remember that your tender also depends on the qualifications and competence of your team. That is why, check all the designer’s, architect’s, and accounting specialists’ documents regularly. Your project managers can update some data entries almost every day. Cloud-based software and special-purpose costing, estimating, and management tools can simplify these tasks.

You can get regular notifications about renewed assumptions. This way you will obtain a clear picture of all the pre-construction processes generated by estimators, managers, designers, and other experts.

  1. Tender returns. Be sure that all the departments cooperate closely and have good communication. These factors trim the tender returns that should be efficient for your performance. For example, your designers should provide timely feedback when it comes to commenting on your tender returns.
  2. Report checking. All the reporting details should be checked regularly. As reports are almost the final document with all the estimating, costing, budget planning, bidding, and other insights, you should take a closer look at them on an everyday basis.

Sometimes you can detect gaps during your report checking. Do not forget to provide commenting features to your team members in order for timely suggestions and improvements to any pre-construction documentation.

  1. Priced risk registers. As can be seen, this item can be managed well through special-purpose software. Just find the best-matching digital tool for this and other purposes. Most contractors select estimating, costing, and bidding software together with management options – all-in-one systems are available.

Risk management is essential for procurement and other pre-construction processes. If you are searching for the best strategies for your tendering and supplementary operations for your excellent performance, focus on this checklist and think of automation of most estimating, costing, and management routines at the very beginning of your tender. 



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