Estimar os projetos com maior precisão e ganhar mais concursos

A estimativa de projetos de construção é complexa e demorada. Erros negligenciados podem resultar na perda de concursos, ou desviá-lo do orçamento na fase de execução.

Software de licitação de construção

Conwize é uma plataforma baseada em nuvem que simplifica o processo de licitação e estimativa na fase de licitação, para proteger sua empresa contra erros cruciais, para que você possa ganhar mais licitações e executá-las com lucro.

Plataforma completa de lances e estimativas

É hora de sair do Excel e usar a plataforma abrangente da Conwize para ajudá-lo a gerenciar licitações com mais eficácia e eficiência do que nunca.

Mitigar riscos
e erros

A Conwize ajuda você a mitigar riscos e encontrar erros durante a fase de licitação. Sua automação de fluxo de trabalho estrutura o processo de estimativa, melhora a precisão e o desempenho da estimativa de custos.

Maximize o seu Recursos

Responder a propostas é demorado. Entendemos que seus recursos são limitados. A Conwize ajuda-o a poupar tempo e dinheiro para que possa ganhar mais concursos.

Automação de lances para colaboração transparente

A Conwize cria novas possibilidades de colaboração e transparência que promovem melhores parcerias com subcontratados e fornecedores nas fases de licitação e execução.

Baseado em dados tomando uma decisão

Os algoritmos exclusivos da Conwize ajudam a analisar KPIs para ajudá-lo a tomar decisões mais informadas, mitigar riscos e melhorar constantemente as estimativas.

Estime projetos e gerencie a execução em uma plataforma

O Conwize conecta perfeitamente as fases de licitação e execução para ajudar os gerentes de projeto a entender melhor seus projetos e maximizar o controle de seu orçamento.


Construction Bidding Software

Construction Costing Software in Detail
Over the years, accurate construction cost estimating has proven to be the backbone for winning tenders. Aware of the importance of construction pricing, contractors from all over the world relied on conventional estimation methods which implied spending long hours bent over blueprints. Most of them still stick to scale rulers, pencils, highlighters, and other traditional tools. However, if we decide to take an honest look at those old-school yet still widely-accepted methods, we’ll undoubtedly reveal their inefficiency in terms of both time consumption and estimates quality, as even the most experienced main contractors and subcontractors aren’t immune to errors. And on top of that, those hours of hard work don’t necessarily help contractors win the job.
Now, imagine if you could win more work by reducing the estimating time and human errors simultaneously. As a matter of fact, those and many more useful features are already included in construction costing software aimed at alleviating the stress of a quoting job and creating the most accurate and relevant estimates. Whereas carrying on a successful construction business greatly depends on the time spent managing the work on-site, it’s clearly irrational to waste time on number crunching while estimating construction cost by hand.
Construction pricing software is quite literally a tool designed to make your life easier. Since quoting software for builders transforms quoting into an automated process (or a partly automated one, according to your needs), it relieves you from the headache of putting together your quotes manually, as well as saves up to four hours of time on every single job estimation. Moreover, project bidding software offers an extensive range of business applications. For instance, it can be applied in commercial decorating, landscaping, and electrical industries.
How does construction costing software work?
Thanks to a powerful engine, construction quoting software combines different tools utilized in the course of project estimation, such as various construction calculators, a smart dashboard, subcontractors enquiry modules, a solid database of construction rates which are updated on a regular basis (including materials, tools, labour and plant prices). Through those tools, contractor quoting software enables you to produce accurate and professional-looking quotes, bills of quantities, work and payment schedules, enquiries for subcontractors and suppliers, and other management reports.
Consequently, software for bidding construction jobs streamlines the whole estimating process, and saves time to submit accurate bids for a job using construction costing software. Without any doubt, quoting software for builders makes an appreciable difference in the way estimators, main contractors and subcontractors manage their work.
How customizable is construction pricing software?
As much as you’ll appreciate the automated estimation that construction costing software provides, you’ll also face the need to tweak some specifications manually. And you may rest assured that it won’t pose a challenge to software for bidding construction jobs.
For instance, you can also benefit from easily loading to the system a database of materials, plant, and labor prices, that later on, can be featured in quoting software for builders, or enter the rates by yourself if required. In addition, you can opt for a suitable pre-loaded build template and customize it to meet your specific needs. There are extension, renovation, and new build templates available. Alternatively, construction quoting software allows you to start from scratch or create your own template which can be used for estimating your future projects.
The same thing applies to preparing bills of quantities, as there is a wide variety of templates available in construction bidding software alongside the opportunity to create them on your own. Furthermore, the estimates, and quotations that are automatically produced by construction costing software are customizable, too. For example, you can add the logotype of your company, cover pages, and any additional information to the reports before printing them and sending them out to clients, subcontractors, or suppliers.
How does cost estimating and bidding automation software work with BIM?
Construction pricing software enables builders and construction traders to produce bill of quantity easily and efficiently thanks to the incorporation of interactive 3D modeling.
Since estimating a construction job can present a significant challenge in case all you see is tables and numbers, contractor quoting software provides you with the opportunity to create bill of quantity from 3D drawing models or BIM (Building Information Modeling) models, making the estimation process more comprehensive. In fact, the implementation of 3D graphics in construction costing software may without exaggeration be described as a revolutionary feature. Construction cost estimating and bidding software provides you with an easy-to-use BIM viewer. But don’t forget that when it comes to construction pricing software, the level of flexibility is critical. Changes in the BIM model can occur during the tender and you need a efficient solution that will allow you deal with these changes in the model.
There is another feature presented by construction costing software that allows contractors to save a considerable amount of time. Imagine the following scenario: you’ve already completed an estimate from a 3D model, but there are some changes in the project. With the use of traditional estimation methods, it could take up to several days to recalculate the estimate. However, software for bidding construction jobs enables you to import the 3D model and apply the necessary changes to it so you can perform a new estimate.
Using project bidding software helps construction companies keep up-to-date with the industry. Although utilizing construction pricing software and working with BIM models hasn’t become widespread yet, it will definitely pay itself off in the future when it becomes a common standard across construction businesses. That’s why construction quoting software isn’t merely about boosting the efficiency of project estimation process; it is also an investment in the future.
Does construction costing software provide multi-user access?
Not having easy access to relevant project data is quite common for a construction company’s back office, because the information is usually stored in different systems. Eventually, it frequently results in inefficient project management and has a negative impact on the company’s revenue.

As project bidding software has been developed to meet the needs of construction companies of all sizes, it provides you with well-thought-out multiple-user access to the files. Shared access is a crucial feature of construction costing software, as it ensures effective cooperation between all team members, resulting in well-coordinated work.
Cloud-based software for bidding construction jobs offers multi-user access that involves not only the staff but also customers, suppliers, and subcontractors. Let’s say it turns out that some changes need to be implemented into the estimate. So a worker can add some details to the quote using construction quoting software while on site. Those additional details are subsequently taken into account by representatives of the budget control department and the reports are adjusted according to the extra changes.
On top of that, with construction costing software, the process of sending online enquiries to your clients, subcontractors, and suppliers is drastically transformed. First of all, construction bidding software empowers you to speed up the task. As surprising as it may sound, it has no negative impact on the quality of enquiries. Actually, quoting software for builders automatically produces professionally-looking document packages. And due to the fact that all the reports are stored in the cloud, your customers, subcontractors, and suppliers get easy access to them. A further advantage of construction costing software is the fact that it’s compatible with different devices, including PCs, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.
Is wastage factor estimated by project bidding software during unit price analysis construction?
Although wastage factor typically isn’t among the first aspects estimators focus on during unit price analysis construction, nobody can deny its impact on profit margins. It’s important to remember that your customers aren’t the ones to pay for the wastage of damaged materials, so it would be reasonable to account for it beforehand. Therefore, construction costing software features this essential option presented by a wastage calculator. Wastage percent can be calculated in the software for bidding construction jobs while performing unit price calculation.

What is more, other types of calculations can be done in the estimating tool in order to help you make accurate estimate including future increases of materials, tools, and labor prices.
Is construction bidding software easy to use?
Construction costing software was developed by builders and estimators to provide a straightforward using experience. That’s why you don’t need to worry about the user-friendliness aspect at all, as the intuitive interface will help you to get started with construction quoting software without getting into a long learning process.

Moreover, a dedicated technical support team is always on hand to assist you or provide detailed and comprehensive answers to your questions concerning the contractor quoting software.
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