The Client | Sade Construction is one of the leading for fit-out contractors in Israel, with over a decade of experience and hundreds of thousands of square meters of projects. As a construction and fit-outs main contractor, it has successfully completed projects ranging from offices to shopping malls, stadiums, hospitals, and public institutions throughout the State of Israel. The company has been a ConWize customer for two years.

The Challenge | Sade Construction approached ConWize to solve a major problem it was facing: accurate tender pricing to win a tender for profitable projects. The company’s tender process did not run smoothly enough.

They used to do estimating work using Excel, which was complicated, takes a lot of time, and causes human errors. It was very hard for them to improve pricing accuracy this way and to improve project estimates over time.

For every project they needed to compare each discipline between various contractors’ quotes in parallel, using separate excel spreadsheets for bidding comparisons of each discipline, and separate spreadsheets for status follow-up. In addition, they needed to send and receive heavy emails and file all documents correctly. The company also noticed that critical information took too long to reach the execution team or got lost. All this resulted in revenue losses.

The Solution | Our ConWize platform provided Sade Construction with a comprehensive solution for tender estimating, allowing the company to manage its entire bidding and estimating process in a transparent, efficient, and user-friendly way. The platform enables the fast and immediate transfer of data to the execution team. For the execution team, this also means that any loss or misunderstanding of critical data is now eliminated. Our all-in-one bidding and estimating platform is specially designed for tender, such as the ones of Sade, to eliminate the need to use excel spreadsheets for the construction cost estimating process. The tenders pipeline management is now streamlined, which simplifies and structures the entire sales process. Apart from working faster and more efficiently, it is also easier to select relevant projects.

The Result | By using our platform, Sade Construction was able to achieve:

  • Revenues increased 3.5x
  • Win rate percentage increased 1.3x.

All this has happened without expanding the tender department team size.

The company was especially impressed with the platform’s ability for fast and immediate transfer of data to its execution team enabling it to quickly move on to the execution phase.
They were also satisfied with the minimum training required in the onboarding process and how intuitive and user-friendly the system is.
Across the board, the elimination of the need for excel spreadsheets and the streamlined process created one langue between the tenders and execution teams. Furthermore, it is now possible for the company’s management to allocate accurate budgets for execution.