Excel Spreadsheets Vs. Special-Purpose Construction Estimating Software: What Is Better to Choose?

construction estimating software

Even the smallest mistake can ruin any business. Some imperfections in the estimations can cause serious problems. Especially when it comes to construction. Using spreadsheets is not a reliable approach for building companies today. Many construction companies switch to more innovative and accurate ways of budget planning and estimating.

For example, when the contractor takes part in the bidding processes, it is necessary to undertake all essential preparations to perform precise estimates. This way the construction company will represent itself as the leading tender candidate and get profitable orders on the market. One of the perfect alternatives for traditional spreadsheets that are not lacking in weak spots is building estimating software.

Why Construction Estimating Software Is Better Than Excel Spreadsheets?

It goes without saying that specialized software is always better than some traditional digital solutions applied for several industries or market niches at once. Speaking about Excel spreadsheets, they may seem convenient first. All the departments can see the reports and estimates with the help of a cloud-based environment.

But these spreadsheets do not contain any of the specific options required for construction. That is why some estimating online tools for building companies will fit better and reduce the number of human-factor errors. Additionally, construction bidding software is a great solution for sound performance on the market.

Let’s take a closer look at the four main benefits of building-driven digital solutions over Excel spreadsheets.

1 – Data Input

Incorrect data specified in the spreadsheets can be hardly detected by estimators and other representatives of the departments in the construction company. Human errors take place more often in Excel documentation. At the same time, special construction estimating and bidding software excludes the possibility of human-factor imperfections in the reports, estimates, and other documents shared among the team members.

2 – Better Standardization

Perfect data input is not the only advantage of modern software for building companies. This is about improved ways of collaboration and better standardization. For sped up performing routine tasks, Excel spreadsheets can become unsuitable. First, the range of options is limited. This fact causes other challenges like:

  • Poor collaboration experiences;
  • Imperfect standardization background;
  • Problems with the quality of work.

If you do not want to risk your construction inputs, outputs, and workings, try building software with estimating and bidding sets of options for contractors. Besides the main strength of Excel spreadsheets like cloud-based space for remote collaborations and teamwork, these tools obtain different templates for calculations, reports, and estimates.

Once you specify all the required data entries, the system undertakes the in-depth analysis and transforms all the information about projects into custom tables, statistics, and other analytical portfolios. High standards in the 21st century start with digital transformations for sure!

3 – Improved IP Management

Even the most robust data sets can be managed easier and more efficiently with the help of the estimating and bidding software for construction companies. These special-purpose systems compute and analyze all the data entries automatically.

4 – Cross-Functionality and Optimization

It goes without saying that Excel spreadsheets do not bring many optimization capabilities when it comes to workloads and document flows. Even updates and ever-upgrading sheets cannot cover all the requirements of the building company. 

To opt for cross-functionality of the digital environment, use software for building companies and enhance all the processes including estimations and accounting (budget planning, expenditure items, etc.).

Future starts with transformations and aspirations to make a difference. It is possible to become a flagship construction company if you have a range of new-gen digital solutions to count on. Select the best-matching software for your building business.



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