Why Accuracy Is Important in Construction Estimating?

Construction Estimating Software

Construction estimating is a critically important process of any building firm. With the help of the estimates, it is possible to forecast costs and expenditure items of the company that makes a specialty out of real estate development and completion of other facilities. Remember that construction estimating is always about the real prospects of your projects, competitive bids, and great tender participation.

It goes without saying that accuracy is a thing when it comes to these forecasts. Comprehensive and error-free estimating provides confidence in the future of the construction project. Accurate estimates are about feasibility, best-matching budget, etc. to have a true count and precise calculations, it is recommended to switch from manual analysis, and financial monitoring to reports generated by building estimating software

What Components Does Construction Estimating Obtain?

To prevent any forms of losses including overpaying and unprofitable deals when it comes to contractors, accurate estimating is a must. This type of building forecasts and predictions gathered in the reporting format by competent estimators is not lacking in different stages and components. Among the main constituents of the construction estimating routine are:

  • Direct costs (prices for all the required materials for building, labor costs, expenditures for equipment rentals and machinery purchase, fuel & power costs);
  • Indirect costs (security and utility costs, permits, administration expenditures, legal fees and taxes, software subscriptions, office expenses, etc.).
  • Other costs (this list of expenditures is formed individually for each company, and it can include temporary structures, design and projected costs, transportation of office workers, purchase of food for on-site builders, etc.).

Note that all the details should be taken into account for the accurate estimating report. Most experts are sure that the successful performance with bids and tender experiences directly depends on the estimates at the very beginning of the construction planning process. Of course estimating can not actually bring 100% accurate results. But the modern construction bidding software makes it possible to make reporting as exact as possible (with 90%-99% accuracy).

Why Is It Reasonable to Make Estimates Automated?

Construction estimating should be free from errors. Most imperfections in the building cost reporting documentation have a human-factor nature. That is why manual estimates are about the risk of inaccurate financial forecasts and improper project planning at the very beginning. Count on the special-purpose software to get the most accurate estimating results.

Your estimators can check the information in the program that is gathered automatically, change the templates, add spreadsheets, and upload e-reports to share among the departments. This way you will apply the multimodal approach to construction estimating where the blend of human work and software brings excellent results. 

Benefits of Building Estimating Software for Construction Companies

First, these are more accurate estimates. Secondly, all construction companies can count on faster reporting. The third benefit is the decreased risk of data loss. In combination with cloud technologies, modern estimating software is a win-win tool for the great performance of construction companies. 

For example, your estimators and accounting specialists are ready with the reports for the project planning. They can share these reporting documents immediately. The same story is with corrections that can take place remotely. You as the owner of the building firm can leave some suggestions and comments in the report to pay attention to your estimators to some details. 

To Sum Up

Remember that proactiveness of your construction company starts with your well-thought strategy and process management. Building estimating software can solve several challenges at once. Only some of them are data loss, human-factor errors in manual estimates and reports, slow communication among departments, and procrastinative project planning routines. 

Both underestimating and overestimating are bad for your progress as a contractor. Today’s digital solutions are here to exclude the risk of inaccuracy with your financial predictions and budget forecasts. 



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